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Since 1965 Cheshire Homes South Africa has been providing full-time residential care for adults and children with chronic physical disabilities in a family home environment. We provide holistic care, focussing on the physical, mental as well as social wellbeing of our 600 residents. This model is based on the vision of our Founder, former WWII fighter pilot Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC, who started the Leonard Cheshire Disability organisation in the UK in 1948. CHSA is one of some 200 organisations around the world which make up the LCD Global Alliance.

We believe in the right of every person, regardless of their disability, to live a full and rewarding life, to enjoy equal opportunities to participate fully in society, and to live their lives free from discrimination and prejudice. We therefore insist on respect and inclusion in our homes whilst promoting independence and autonomy for our residents over their lives. Furthermore, through our membership of SADA we are active in advocating for the rights of all people with disabilities in South Africa.

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