about us

Autism South Africa is the national body for autism in South Africa. Our footprint extends throughout South Africa, either through our regional development officers in eight of the nine provinces, or through our partnerships with regional autism organisations throughout the country.

Our goal is to ensure that all Autistic people and their families are accepted, included, empowered and supported. We do this through various avenues. This includes empowering autistic people, and parents. We also firmly believe in empowering professionals through our training programmes. We actively work together with all levels of government to try to ensure that the rights of autistic people as well as their families are not compromised.

We currently provide the following services and are also involved in the following programs:

  • Ensuring the Autistic voice is heard,
  • Counselling for autistic people, families and professionals,
  • Training for professionals and parents,
  • Support in the workplace, classroom or at home,
  • We are actively involved in a number of research projects throughout the country.

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