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The Stroke Survivors Foundation, was founded by Mr. George Scola, to help stroke survivors, caregivers and their families. By providing up-to-date information on stroke, rehabilitation and developing a network of key stakeholders the foundation aims to provide support for all affected by Stroke. Setting up support structures around South Africa, and working together with the World Stroke Organization as well as collaborating with stroke centers around the globe, the foundation positions itself as a leader in developing guidelines and rehabilitation guidelines for stroke survivors in South Africa.
o The Glove Initiative - was founded to create a global awareness for Stroke, and help more people become aware of stroke and it effects.
o BEFAST - By spreading awareness around the acronym BEFAST, more people can become aware of the signs of stroke, and provide faster accesss to professional care.

Focus Areas
The foundations focal area is to provide a support group infrastructure to stroke families for peer coaching, professional coaching, and rehabilitation programs, that can help families get back on their feet. With stroke, comes a myriad of challenges and difficulties for families and victims, who not only have to learn to adapt and change their lifestyles, but have to bear the financial challenges that come with stroke.
o Rehabilitation - Many stroke victims fall short of completing a rehabilitation program due to financial challenges, lack of access to the proper network of professionals and mis0understanding and conceptions on stroke.
o Skills Development and Employment programs - The foundation aims to provide access to coaching professionals, counselor and medical professionals who can aid in rehabilitation, as well as guide the family back to living as normal a life as possible.

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