South Africa National Deaf Association

SANDA is the premier, human rights and advocacy organisation of, by and for Deaf people established in 2004. SANDA mandate is to build capacity in the Deaf sector, influence public policies, set the agenda for meaningful inclusive development and provide comprehensive human development services that benefit Deaf people at all levels of society.

Our Vision
Empowered Deaf people with equal opportunities and acknowledgement in a South Africa accessible to all.

Our Mission
To serve as an innovative, responsive and dynamic developmental Deaf organisation that consistently ensures the protection and promotion of the rights, needs and concerns of Deaf people in South Africa.

SANDA Flagship Projects
Our key focus areas include the following:
• Gift of Sound Foundation

The Gift of Sound Foundation project aims to promote hearing care, provide hearing loss interventions and drive hearing awareness campaign through World Hearing Day each year.
• Video Remote Communications (VIRECOM)

The VIRECOM project is one of SANDA’s ICT projects to create accessible communication for Deaf people through the use of video remote interpreting technologies.
• Say it in Sign Language

The Say it in Sign Language Training project is geared to train people in South African Sign Language and to emphasize that language matters for everyone.

SANDA Key Focal Areas
Overall, SANDA, as a human right and advocacy organisation of, by and for Deaf people, its core business is advocacy which is epitomised through a number of focused priorities that also become programmes when they are funded. These are:
• Capacity building Programme
• Research and Development Programme
• Deaf Arts and Culture and Heritage Programme
• Deaf Women & Youth Development Programme
• Economic empowerment and sustainable employment
• Deaf education, skills development and scholarships
• Sign Language and Interpreter development coordination
• Rural & Inner-city Development
• Deaf Sports Development and Coordination
• Deaf Information Communication and Technology (ICT)
• International Relations and Cooperation
• Strategic Deaf leadership

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