National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities

For the last 80 years the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has played an integral role in shaping
South Africa into a country where persons with disabilities have access to equal opportunities and right. The NCPD runs
awareness programmes, influences government policies, promotes physical access, and facilitates economic participation.
Collectively, these actions enable, support and enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities.

Locations and Registrations
Our Head Office is located in Gauteng, at 82 Andries Pretorius Road, Edenvale, from where we provide a national coordinating
service and proactive forum for our member organisations, the nine provincial Associations for Persons with Disabilities
• NCPD is an active non-profit organisation, registered as 000-923 NPO in terms of Act 71 of 1997
• Our Tax Clearance is filed as SARS 930020816
• Our 86,63% Black Beneficiary Base is recognised by a 100% B-BBEE SED, certificate PBO 930020816

Our Vision
• Disability does not intrinsically render a person vulnerable – it is the lack of access, information and support, which
intensifies vulnerability
• Within a rights-based, inclusive and accessible society, persons with disabilities should have equal access to their
economic rights and social opportunities

Our Mission
• Advocate and facilitate equity, inclusion, economic and social participation
• Develop policy proposals to close gaps in legislation
• Change attitudes through sensitization and awareness programmes
• Provide a wide range of services through our local, provincial and national affiliates

Our Projects and Programmes
• Casual Day
• Enterprise Development
• Woman with Disabilities
• Youth Programmes
• Children Programmes
• Rural Development
• Reasonable Accommodation
• Candidate Placement
• Nappy Run
• Awareness Raising
• Support Services to Employers and Employees
• BBBEE Support to Companies
• Advocacy and Lobbying
• Universal Design and Access Audits
• Training

Email :
Tel : 0114522774
Cell : 0832556854

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