Down Syndrome South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa (DSSA) was formed in 1986 as the national umbrella body and parent advocacy organisation group for the Constitutional Rights of persons with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

We have Associations and support groups throughout the country who provide services and support to persons with and affected by Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities and their families. The Associations have a high level of independence and their resources and infrastructure may vary.

Focus Areas
The establishment of parent support groups and community development projects in the impoverished areas of our country
The empowerment of families of persons with intellectual disabilities through the dissemination of information, by means of printed materials, workshops and talks
The establishment of a forceful parent advocacy group which has been able to bring about changes in national and provincial policy in favour of persons with intellectual disabilities
The raising of public awareness in both urban and rural areas, specially around the 21st of March, World Down Syndrome Day and the 20th of October National Down Syndrome Day
To promote the inclusion of persons with Down syndrome into various sectors of the community

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