Disabled Children Action Group

The Disabled Children's Action Group (DICAG) was established in 1993 a cross disability non-racial national parent organisation of children with disabilities.
DICAG has two key programmes - development and advocacy. The development programme seeks to empower parents of children with disabilities with knowledge and life skills to be able to respond to their children's rights and needs and to empower children with disabilities to be self-advocates on their own issues. The advocacy programme of DICAG seeks to promote and protect the rights of children with disabilities and ensure that government and human rights bodies formulate and implement policies.

Focus Areas
The advocacy initiatives for basic human rights, equalisation of opportunities, self-representation and full participation within the social and economic spheres of life, as well as being placed firmly on the political agenda

To ensure implementation of the various policies on Children with disabilities and the need for participation and self-representation of children with disabilities.
DICAG has over the past years engaged with various activities that addresses some of these issues, in particular:
1. The current challenge against HIV/AIDS which made its presence known and felt amongst parents of and children with disabilities.
2. Research initiatives and processes that ensure the development of new knowledge on the life experiences and conditions of children with disabilities, to ensure that the information exists that will assist in the appropriate responses, intervention strategies and programme development.
3. The building of the skills capacity amongst youth with disabilities in areas of life-skills and self-representation
4. The mobilization, formation and capacity building of second level leadership at local community level through branch formations of parents and youth with disabilities that ensures the issues of children with disabilities are represented within all layers of society.
5. To ensure the representation of disabled children issues are incorporated within the ACTIVITIES OF South Africa.

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