Blind South Africa

Statutory Mandate
Blind SA is a national Disable People’s Organisation (DPO) of the blind and for the blind. Established in 1946 as the South African Blind Workers Organisation (SABWO) and became Blind SA in 2004.
Not-for-profit organisation registration number: 000-606 NPO
Public benefit organisation registration number: PBO 130003512
Central Suppliers Database registration: MAAA0497449

Our Vision
The vision of Blind SA is to do whatever is necessary or conducive to empower visually impaired people to become economically self-supporting and to live a full and meaningful life as citizens of South Africa.

Our Mission
• The mission of Blind SA is to promote the interests of all visually impaired people through the provision of appropriate services -
• To create an informed blind society,
• To enable them to gain meaningful employment,
• To enhance their quality of life, and
• To incorporate them into everyday life.

Focus Areas
Blind SA provides services that empower blind and partially sighted people directly and by training trainers that empower our beneficiaries.

The main services are listed below:
• Advocacy
• Lobbying
• Self-representation

Awareness raising, information dissemination and distribution of information through various publications:
• Blind SA News
• Braillorama
• Braillorette
• Braille Trumpet
• Young Stoners and
• Parents Network

Assistive devices:
• Mali-Bhala
• Braille paper
• Tatrapoint Braillers
• Braille Me

Assistance for learners in special and mainstream schools and student’s registration with tertiary institutions.
Braille production of literature in UBC (unified braille code) in all 11 official languages.
Provision of study bursaries and loan facilities for the purchase of work and study related items.
Training in accredited braille and orientation and mobility services and placement in skills training and placement in employment.

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Tel : 0118391793
Fax : 0118391217

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